JJS-BDD is a c++ library based on binary decision diagrams.
The project is developed at Institute of Computer Science Department I at the University of Bonn.


The most important development goals were to keep it clearly arranged, efficient, and user friendly.


The JJS-BDD package, named after the three developers, is an object oriented C++ library. Unlike other BDD-packages it provides a graphical surface that can be very useful for teaching purposes and experiments with new BDD-algorithms.
Latest news

Oct 1st 2009
  • This package is outdated. Please use JINC instead.

Nov 14th 2005
  • JJS-BDD compiles under MacOS X

June 9th 2005
  • BDD-GUI-0.3 released. This is the first release with full GUI support. That means that all objects can be created, modified and removed with the GUI.
  • JJS-BDD-0.2 development has slowed down for a while. We are currently working on a better framework to reduce developing time and errors. The main goal for this release is bugfixing.