Oct 1st 2009
  • This package is outdated. Please use JINC instead.

Nov 14th 2005
  • JJS-BDD compiles under MacOS X

June 9th 2005
  • BDD-GUI-0.3 released. This is the first release with full GUI support. That means that all objects can be created, modified and removed with the GUI.
  • JJS-BDD-0.2 development has slowed down for a while. We are currently working on a better framework to reduce developing time and errors. The main goal for this release is bugfixing.

May 20th 2005
  • BDD-GUI has its own release cycle (doesn't depend on JJS-BDD library)

May 4th 2005
  • JJS-BDD-GUI-0.2 released (CVS).
  • The JJS-BDD library is under heavy development.
  • SOBDDs got a major speed improvment.
  • See Changlogs for more details.
  • We are planning to release JJS-BDD-0.2 within the next month.

Feb 2nd 2005
  • JJS-BDD-0.1.1 released.
  • New branch started (input inverter).

Jan 4th 2005
  • Finally we did it. JJS-BDD-0.1 and JJS-BDD-GUI-0.1 released (see roadmap for more details).

Dec 16th 2004
  • A long time without news does not mean that nothing happens (see CVS).
  • Two BDD variants (FEVBDDs and NADDs) found their way into the library.
  • A BDD-GUI (for KDE) can be used for debugging purposes (check out jjs-bdd-gui).
  • Lot of small bugfixes and runtime improvements.
  • The library can now be compiled under cygwin.
  • We are planning to release the first stable version (0.1) within this month.

May 28th 2004
  • We uploaded the documentation.
  • Visit the documentation site for more information.

May 7th 2004
  • JJS-BDD0.1ALPHA3 released
  • Here is a list of some changes since our last release:
  • ADDs
  • implemented group and varorder objects
  • reordering (with genetic minimize)
  • rename
  • XML and binary file format
  • assignments can be used

Apr 22th 2004
  • Binary input/output finished.
  • ADDs added to repository.

Apr 14th 2004
  • Implementation of Group structure finished.
  • Rewrote reordering code for groups. Reordering can now be used for any kind of BDD that provides a swap function.
  • The examples were adjusted to the CVS version.
  • We made some small changes in and (no -lxml2 for linking programs against the library).
  • We added one screenshot :-) of the testsuite.

Apr 5th 2004
  • XML input format finished

Feb 19th 2004
  • We uploaded examples (documentation) to show how to work with the JJS-BDD library.
  • Roadmap update

Feb 3rd 2004
  • JJS-BDD0.1ALPHA2 released
  • Here is a list of some changes since our last release:
  • we added a testsuite to verify the library for small examples
  • nodes aren't allocated through new. for every node the mempool stores freed memory and gives it insteed of allocating new. fragmentation of memory shouldn't happen anymore
  • and, or and xor have their own function. terminal cases can be detected much better
  • SOBDDFunctionContainer was implemented. this class provides an easy to use interface for 'vectors' of SOBDDFunctions
  • prev and next isn't used in SOBDDNode anymore. this gives us more memory and the runtime wasn't decreased
  • rename was implemented (untested)
  • clear was implemented (to free memory and variables)
  • deadNodes are store in a set (not a map anymore)
  • the SOBDDManager was removed (every function is in SOBDD now)
  • constrain and restrict were implemented
  • windowpermutation (2,3,4) were implemented
  • some bugfixed (ITE, sifting, ... )

Jan 9th 2004
  • a two level garbage-collection was implemented (to prevent memory fragmentation)
  • SOBDDManager was removed (SOBDD implements the delayed garbage-collection)
  • a new benchmark is available

Dec 18th 2003
  • we made some performance improvements (uniquetable, ITE, ...)
  • there were also improvements on the memory-usage (less than before ;-) )

Dec 9th 2003

Dec 3rd 2003
  • jjs-bdd0.1alpha1 released
  • a first benchmark is available
  • fixed a bug in ITE and made some performance improvements

Nov 28th 2003
  • changed roadmap: some features are more important than implementing the GUI (swap, group structure, ...)
  • computed tables (ITE and cofactor) implemented

Nov 25th 2003
  • SOBDDManager implemented with better garbage collection ('zombie'-nodes can be reincarnated)

Nov 17th 2003
  • new project code is in CVS now (try out the new SOBDD function handling :-) )
  • some minor bugfixes (for FunctionPointer)

Nov 11th 2003
  • new very clean project can handle SOBDDs

Nov 6th 2003
  • rewrote the html code (added some PHP-scripts)

Oct 31th 2003